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Why Caste Census?

Why Caste Census?
  1. A caste census would, on the one hand, bring forward anthropological facts, and on the other, provide the basis for framing sound development policies required for social justice.
  2. Caste is a very important variable in contemporary Indian society, hence there are social and scientific reasons why data on it are valuable for their own sake.
  3. Caste data will help track long-term shifts in the morphology of the system and of individual castes.
  4. Recent legislations mandating various types of reservation for the OBCs make caste data essential (for drawing up fresh lists of OBCs, admission/deletion of OBCs, identification/revision of creamy-layer criteria, fixing quotas within quotas, etc).
Census Acts
Sr No Act Name View Refrence
1 The Census Act, 1948
2 The Census Rules, 1990
3 The Citizenship Act, 1955
4 The Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969
5 No - GSR 316(E) dated 14-04-2011    regarding the 'The Information Technology (Electronic Service Delivery) Rules, 2011 - Dept.of IT, MoCIT
6 ORGI Notification dated 23-04-2010
7 ORGI Gazette Notification (Amendent the Census Rules 1990 ) dated 19-06-2018
8 ORGI Gazette Notification (Pre-Test Notification for Census 2021 ) dated 28-06-2019
9 ORGI Gazette Notification (Period of Houselisting Operation and Questions in Houselisting & Housing Census for Census 2021) dated 07-01-2020
Report of Census & Other Commissions
  1. Poona Pact 1931
  2. Kaka Kalelkar report 1955
  3. Mandal Commission report 1980
  4. Justice Ram Nandan Committee report 1993
  5. Indian Census Report
  6. Representations of People Act
Census : News & Opinions
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  2. Census 2021: Here’s Why A Push For A Caste-Based Census Is Important
  3. Why are we afraid of the caste census?
  4. Don’t shy away from Caste Census 2021 – there is technology
  5. 9.2 Population and Basic Statistics at the Local Level
  6. Social Studies Division
  7. Policies matter more than a caste census
  8. Justice V. Eshwaraiah is for a caste census in 2021
Important link
  1. Censusindia.gov.in
  2. Pibarchive.nic.in
  3. Mospi.gov.in
  4. Ncbc.nic.in

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